L A S E R  T A T T O O  R E M O V A L 

Effective and affordable tattoo removal that will make tattoo regret a thing of the past!

At Technique we can treat a wide range of tattoos including professional tattoos, amateur tattoos and semi-permanent make up. We use a PICOSECOND Active Q-Switched ND:YAG laser which can treat most colours of tattoo and will give you exceptional results, in addition our qualified technician will give invaluable advice when it comes to dealing with your unwanted tattoo. 

Tattoo Removal
How Laser Tattoo Removal Works


How Does it Work?

The laser breaks up the ink particles into smaller fragments. Your immune system then removes these fragments via the action of Macrophage white blood cells.

What is Picosecond Technology?

Our brand new Picosecond Laser offers state of the art technology. The laser emits a high intensity beam which remains in the skin for a picosecond. This has many benefits compared to traditional nanosecond lasers, these include:

- Less treatments required

- Less pain

- Less side effects

- Quicker treatment time

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We price and estimate how many treatments you will need individually as there are many factors such as; size of tattoo, density of ink, depth of ink, colour of ink and medical factors that will affect how easy it is to remove a tattoo. However below is a rough guide to how many treatments you may need.


Type of Tattoo                               Number of Treatments

Uncomplicated Black Tattoo                          8 - 12 Treatments

Coloured Tattoo                                         10 - 14 Treatments

Lightening for a Tattoo Coverup                      4 - 6 Treatments

Homemade Tattoo                                         4 - 6 Treatments

Are There any Side Effects?

The skin will be sore and itchy for a few days after but certain gels and ice packs will soothe this. Some blistering may occur, if this is the case we advise you to return to the clinic for them to be dealt in a sterile manner free of charge. Scarring is a risk with all laser tattoo removal however using our laser and techniques we have only seen scarring in 2% of our customers which is predominantly lower than most other laser clinics.

Do I Need a Patch Test?

A patch test is very important as it shows how your skin and the ink will react to the laser. We can do a patch test during your initial consultation for a fee of £25 which is then redeemable when you book your first treatment.

What do I do After the Treatment?

You will be given in depth after care instructions after your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prices start from £35!


Simply send us an image of your unwanted tattoo along with its size to info@techniquelaserclinic.co.uk or to our facebook page and we will reply as soon as possible with a quotation!

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Who Can we Treat?

Unfortunately if you have any of the following conditions we advise not undergoing treatment due to the health risks involved.

  • ​Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Medication causing photosensitivity, blood-thinning or affecting the immune system

  • Any active skin condition on the treatment area

  • Skin types V-VI

Fitzpatrick Skin Typing

Why Can't Skin Types V-VI be Treated?

Q-switched lasers are capable of interfering with the naturally occurring melanin in dark skinned clients, this may cause permanent hyperpigmentation (dark areas) or hypopigmentation (light areas) in the skin.